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Terms and conditions

I would like to emphasise the importance of consistency for effective learning and that canceling your lesson will disrupt the learning process. Regular practice can be paramount on passing your driving test first time

Unfortunately with less than 1 day notice I will still cost yourself half a lesson fee the reasons for this is when you only get short notice the space is impossible to fill but I will still need to pay the following.

Most driving schools would charge full lesson amount

DVSA Driving test centre would charge £62 even if you gave three days notice

(1) What your lesson fee pays for

(2) Car finance

(3) Expensive Driving Instructor Car Insurance

(4) Road tax

(5) Expensive Instructor licence

(6) Car repairs and tyres

(7) My income

(8) Holiday pay

(9) Website and Stationary

(10) Works pension

So you can see what my costs is and why it´s very important to AVOID cancelling your lesson.

Car comfort

Please mention if the car is to hot or cold for you as you know people prefer different temperatures so it can be impossible to tell whats right for you.

What you´re learning

Please say if you would prefer for example: more practice with reversing instead of my lesson plan there is absolutely no problem with that.

Remember you´re the boss, anything you´re not 100% happy with let me know and I will fix it. Thanks KESS

KESS Driving
Call  01698 748640
Text or call 07533859557 07533859557
Text Text 07533859557

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