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Successful way to learn NERVOUS DRIVER SPECIALIST

Successful way to learn is, I will describe what you will need to learn.

Ask you how you would go about achieving that.

You probably thinking haven´t got a clue but with some guided questions you will get there.

I will go along with what you say because surprisingly most of it will be right.

Then I will help you with the bits that you need some help with.

That´s a much faster more successful way to learn meaning you won´t be spending your money and time learning things you know.

At the end you will be able to tell me what needs to be done in order to pass a driving test because you will have the knowledge in your mind.

Drivers record

You will get a drivers record folder on what you have achieved and what still needs to be achieved.

Practising with a friends car

Requirements are they must be over 21 with a licence more than 3 years and not grumpy.

Many learners will want to expand their learning by driving with a parent or friend in the car.

At KESS, we want to encourage our learners to have additional practice wherever possible and so recommend a book called ´Helping Learners" (£7.99) which gives some very useful advice to the parent or friend who wants to help with the learning process.

This book covers many aspects that may normally be neglected including route planning , the importance of staying calm and how not to pass on bad driving habits.

We have found this to be very useful training aid as not only are our pupils getting more practice behind the wheel, but the accompanying driver is able to make this practice work in conjunction with the regular lesson with us.

p.s there is no profit made from any merchandise, only the reputation of getting you on the road faster.
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